Trouser Suits

 Bob in his trouser suit

Bob is a Cavachon and wears a 16″ short leg

These trouser suits are generous.  The sizes quoted in the listing are for the zip length, the suit is shaped at the back to cover your dogs bottom (without interfering with toileting) and is 2″/5cm longer than the zip.

Measure your dog’s back from where their neck joins their body to where their tail joins their body.  Take this measurement and deduct 2″/5cm. This is the size suit you need.  If your dog is between sizes we suggest you size down.

Baylea in his trouser suit

Baylea is a Poodle and wears a 16″ standard leg

An example of measuring you dog for their trouser suit: If your dog measures 17″ / 43cm along their back, deduct 2″/5cm giving you 15″ / 38cm. The size suit to buy is a 14″.

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