Cherry Blossom Harness for Small Dogs and Puppies


Limited Edition 

This new and limited edition Kimono Collection from Doggy Chic is absolutely stunning.  Handmade using Japanese Kimono fabric custom made into ribbon, this harness is perfectly scaled for small dogs and puppies.  Cherry Blossom is a graceful print of  flowers in shades of cherry, white and soft pinks and luxurious accents of gold on a cerise pink backing.  Cherry Blossom, along with all six exclusive designs in our Kimono Collection, is truly gorgeous and perfect for the pampered pup.(Please refer to Purple Velvet for picture of harness style)

  • Modern design
  • 3 Sizes for small and tiny dogs
  • Easy to measure – measuring guide below
  • Very easy to fit
  • Perfect for shorter leg breeds
  • When fitted correctly, difficult to reverse out of

Sizes available:

XXXS Harness  – Size 16-20” / 41-50cm

XXS Harness – Size 19-23” / 48-58cm

XS Harness – Size 22-26” / 56-66cm

How to measure your dog  

  • Take a soft tape measure and stand your dog in front of you with their back to you (or sit them on your lap if they’re very tiny!)
  • Starting at point (B) pop the tape measure around their neck (A), cross it over at their shoulder blades (B), round the chest just behind the front legs (C) and back round to the starting point (B).  You should have a figure of 8 pattern with your tape measure.
  • Take this measurement and pick a size listed below. ie if your measurement is 18″/46cm you need and XXXS harness.




Additional Information

XXXS – 16-20” / 41-50cm, XXS – 19-23” / 48-58cm, XS – 22-26” / 56-66cm

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