Interactive Chewy Treat Ball for Medium to Large Dogs


Interactive fun for your dog


These are a great fun interactive chew toy with a load of other benefits for your dog’s health and wellbeing. Just pop your dog’s favourite treats into the small flexible teeth and the ball will keep your dog occupied for ages while they work out how to get the treats out!  Made from food safe, non-toxic, super bouncy, flexible and chew resistant rubber these treat balls promote interactive bonding between you and your dog, encourage cognitive and problem solving development and they will also give your dog’s teeth and gums a massaging clean while they bite and chew the ball to get to the treats. These Interactive Chew Treat Balls can also help prevent your dog chewing your favourite shoes or furniture by alleviating boredom.

  • 7cm/2¾” diameter, perfect for medium and large dogs
  • Food safe and non-toxic
  • Flexible, chew resistant rubber
  • Encourages cognitive and problem solving development
  • Large hole in the middle for bigger treats
  • Great for dental hygiene
  • Keeps your dog entertained 
  • Can also be filled with paste, peanut butter or toothpaste
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Lime, Turquoise, Orange

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