Ticks – Not just a summer nasty

Ticks generally live in wooded or forested areas, grass, bushes, undergrowth, meadows and clearings, but can also be found anywhere there is grass (along wildlife paths, lawns, parks…) – so basically anywhere that’s a lovely spot to take your dog for a walk!

Ticks are nasty little parasites that are not easy to see when small and feed on blood sucked from humans or animals – blood is needed for them to survive and reproduce. They don’t jump or fly but crawl slowly and drop from blades of grass or twigs onto a host – you or your pet. Ticks embed themselves in their host in areas where the skin is thin (the back of the knee, the armpit, the groin) by inserting their rostrums, the tick’s head which is covered with backward pointing spikes, and anchoring themselves into their hosts skin. They then secrete substances through their saliva glands which allow them to lock themselves solidly in order to suck blood. All very unpleasant!

The way ticks are removed is very important. By pulling up on the tick, the spikes will rise and lock the rostrum in the skin. The tick may break leaving body parts resting in the skin and causing a painful inflammation, or an infection.  Be sure that you know how to safely remove ticks (Video at the bottom) and always keep a TICK TWISTER handy!  https://www.bowsandwhistles.co.uk/?s=tick+&post_type=product